Cobra Kai’s Sexiest Moment Perfectly Captured What We Love About the Show

adminSeptember 12, 2022

The first season of Cobra Kai ended this week, and the finale was one of the hottest episodes ever. The show has done an excellent job of capturing the spirit of Karate Kid, and there are plenty of moments that make us swoon, but Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso’s final showdown may be the show’s sexiest moment so far. Here are four reasons why we adore Cobra Kai’s most seductive moment!

Cobra Kai’s Sexiest Moment Perfectly

Don’t Fear Disappointment

I almost didn’t watch Cobra Kai. Like many others, I had been there and done that with The Karate Kid. I knew the story would be retold to my kids someday, but was not sure it was something I needed to see now. Honestly, this is not a compelling show! And yet here we are, halfway through Season 1 and wondering what our lives were like before we tuned in every week. Was life so bad? Did we not have enough fun on Netflix? Were our expectations too high?

Value Honesty Over False Praise

Yes, Justin is sexy. But that is not what makes him Cobra Kai’s sexiest moment. The sexiness in this scene has more to do with Karen’s reaction to Justin telling her how beautiful she is and how he sees himself in her. There are some deeply personal moments that happen during this scene and we as viewers see it all unfold. He gives her a compliment and she reacts in confusion, then surprise when she starts to grasp his meaning.

Focus on Getting Better – Cobra Kai’s

If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it’s to never stop getting better. This is not only words to live by for Johnny, but for us as well. Cobra Kai does a phenomenal job at captoring what we love about martial arts; it makes us feel empowered, trains our mind and body, and provides discipline. The show is also relatable because everyone faces difficulties in life.

Enjoy Every Victory, Big Or Small

It was a riveting moment. Johnny Lawrence, who had been plotting revenge against Daniel LaRusso all series, finally got what he wanted in this flashback episode. He tricked his old adversary into coming out of retirement to fight him at a big fight where they’d make so much money they could retire on Johnny’s boat in the Caribbean.

Remember Why You Started

This week, Cobra Kai had one of their most compelling episodes ever. In All in for Arizona, we saw Johnny Lawrence (Ralph Macchio) realize that his boxing skills have diminished to the point where he is unable to beat protege and current champion Miguel Herrera (Xolo Mariduena). Seeing him powerless against his own obsolescence mirrored what many other baby boomers are feeling in their lives as they start to see themselves become less relevant.

Pick Your Battles Wisely

At its core, Cobra Kai is a show about two broken people: Johnny Lawrence and Miguel Diaz. That they became friends shows how much they both changed. The scenes where they were tearing each other apart are heart-wrenching, but those where they were supporting one another are what brought me to tears.

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Don’t Get Discouraged

I’ve seen a lot of people on twitter commenting that Cobra Kai is garbage, as they tweeted while I watched it. I can assure you, it was anything but garbage. Especially when Michelle kicks John Kreese in the groin and screams Yes! That felt so good! and for the first time, we are rooting for a female protagonist over Ralph Macchio.

Maintain Perspective

Too often, we forget that what makes Cobra Kai so iconic isn’t just its wit or sense of humour. It’s also the wholesome, healthy dose of nostalgia that it doles out in every episode. This nostalgic aspect can be seen as soon as some music starts playing because it never fails to put a smile on your face and make you reminisce about being younger and all of those memories you have with friends.


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