10 Sexiest Movies in India on Netflix You’ll Want to Watch in 2022

adminAugust 7, 2022

Netflix India has added some exciting movies to its catalogue in recent years, and it will only get better with time. The best part about Netflix is that you can watch old movies and discover new favourites from the comfort of your own couch or on your phone while you’re on the go. If you’re wondering what the sexiest movies in India on Netflix will be in 2022, here are our top ten picks!

Tera Intezaar

Best sexiest movies in India

One Night Stand – Best sexiest movies in India

Look no further than One Night Stand for a steamy, one-night stand of a movie. This Indian erotic thriller tells the story of a married man who meets a woman he met at a club by chance. Though he is initially hesitant, he eventually succumbs to temptation and the two have a night of passionate lovemaking. Even though it’s only one night, the two can’t stop thinking about each other, and their affair has long-lasting consequences. The most notable difference is that the wife becomes pregnant with her husband’s child despite not knowing who fathered it.

It’s an interesting twist when they finally discover they had sex again while her husband was away, but nothing else happens after that.

A Scandall

Best sexiest movies in India

Look no further than A Scandall if you want to watch a sensual, scandalous movie. This Indian movie from 2016 depicts the tale of a man who gets caught up in a sexual harassment investigation. Despite a hesitant start, the movie picks up pace and has some genuinely scorching scenes. While viewing some instances, one can’t help but feel humiliated while yet hoping that all would turn out okay in the end. It addresses contemporary topics including consent and the mechanics of power in relationships. It was challenging not to become engrossed in what would happen next because the plot was so well-developed.

Jackpot – Best sexiest movies in India

Look no further than Jackpot if you’re looking for a sexy movie to watch on Netflix India in 2022. This film follows a group of friends who win the lottery and must deal with the consequences of their newfound fortune. Jackpot will get you hot under the collar with its mix of comedy and drama

Furthermore, this film stars Varun Dhawan, one of your favourite Bollywood actors from 2020!

Irada is a close second for best sexy movie on Netflix India in 2022. This film, like Jackpot, strikes a good balance between comedy and drama. Furthermore, Irada stars Emraan Hashmi, another of your favourite Bollywood actors from 2020!

5 – Bright (Netflix Original)

Will Smith stars as a Los Angeles Police Department officer who teams up with an Orc cop (Joel Edgerton) in a world filled with both human and mythical creatures in this 2017 American science fiction action film directed by David Ayer. The two unlikely partners must put aside their differences in order to locate a powerful wand before it falls into the hands of the wrong people. This high-stakes adventure will certainly get your pulse racing.

Collateral Beauty

Best sexiest movies in India

This 2016 drama starring Will Smith, Edward Norton, and Keira Knightley is a heartfelt story about love, loss, and grief. It is, however, a film with some seriously steamy scenes that will get your heart racing. If you’re looking for a romantic comedy with a twist, this is the film for you.


In this sexy comedy, a group of friends get together for Becky’s bachelorette party (played by Rebel Wilson). They end up at a male strip club and have the time of their lives. This is a film that will make you laugh and feel good about your single status. What do you need a man for when there are some really hot guys around?

Wajah Tum Ho

This erotic thriller was one of 2016’s most divisive films, and it’s now available to watch on Netflix. The plot revolves around a man who becomes obsessed with a woman he sees on a webcam, and there are several steamy scenes. If you’re looking for a sexy film with some suspense, Wajah Tum Ho is a must-see.

Four sentences from the other side of the door: This 2016 horror film takes place in India and follows a mother who is attempting to contact her deceased son. Everything changes when she decides to open the door between their two worlds. This film contains both great scares and romance!

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Hate Story 4 – Best sexiest movies in India

Vishal Pandya’s 2018 Indian erotic thriller film, written by Sammeer Arora. Urvashi Rautela, Vivan Bhatena, Karan Wahi, Ihana Dhillon, and Gulshan Grover star in the lead roles. Sonam (Rautela) is a young woman who seeks vengeance on Rajveer (Bhatena), a wealthy man who rapes her.

Sonam murders his sister, kidnaps his daughter, and frames him for the crime. Later, she frames him for murdering an investigative journalist from his company with whom he had been having an affair while they were together in a cabin near the beach resort where they were planning to spend their honeymoon after secretly marrying

The reason for all of this is that Rajveer raped her years ago and was never punished for it. She has been seeking vengeance ever since and will not stop until she obtains it.


If you’re looking to spice up your life, these 10 sexiest movies on Netflix India will do the trick. There’s something for everyone, from romantic comedies to steamy thrillers. So prepare to cuddle up with your partner (or yourself!) and watch some of the sexiest movies on Netflix India.

Raaz Reboot

Vikram Bhatt’s 2016 Indian supernatural horror film, written by Madhuri Banerjee. Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Sanon, and Gaurav Arora star in the film. It is the fourth film in the Raaz franchise and a remake of the 2002 film Raaz.

Lust Stories – Best sexiest movies in India

If you’re looking for a sexy movie to watch on Netflix India, Lust Stories is a must-see. This film follows four different women as they discover their sexuality. It’s a frank and honest look at sex that will make you hot under the collar.

Ella Quixote, an unconventional love story that challenges our notions of romance, is another good option. Other films in the series include Like Crazy (about a long-distance relationship), My Mistress (about a maid who takes over her mistress’ life), and Lovesick (which focuses on an unhealthy monogamous relationship).


Here are the ten sexiest movies on Netflix India that you should watch in 2022. These films will make you feel hot and bothered, from romantic comedies to steamy dramas. So clear your calendar, pour yourself a glass of wine, and prepare to Netflix and chill.


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